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D3WR Covid-19 Plan of Action

Deadwood, its businesses and the events that take place within are very cognizant of the seriousness of Covid-19.  On May 1, 2020 the Mayor of Deadwood set forth guidelines to be observed by businesses and to those organizing events.  A Covid-19 plan of action for this event will be reviewed and filed with the City of Deadwood prior to the event taking place.  We will do what we can to keep you safe.

That said, we have expectations of you. We ask you monitor yourself for symptoms of fever or cough, use basic hygiene such as washing hands, covering a cough, not touching your face and excluding yourself from participation if feeling ill.  Masks for participants will not be required... HOWEVER...please bring along a mask to wear when you feel vulnerable and to have on-hand in case a business or attraction in the Black Hills area requests you wear one.


The Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally is an outside event allowing for easier social distancing and less chance of viral spread. Organizers will be implementing the following safety precautions.

*** Hand Sanitizing Stations located in several areas of the Deadwood Event Complex.

*** Registration on Sunday & Monday will be conducted as a "drive-through" to help maintain social distancing.

*** Registration materials will be prepackaged. Each person is required to sign a ride waiver. A sanitized  pen will be provided for use to sign the documents and then re-sanitized before used again.

*** Masks and gloves will be used by volunteers when feasible/necessary 

***  Tables and chairs will be disinfected each night and more often if feasible.


*** Signs will be posted throughout the complex to remind people to social distance and wash/sanitize their hands often.

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