How did the rally get started?  South Dakota native and Deadwood resident Mike Gustafson has a deep love of the area and is also an avid Spyder rider.  He saw an opportunity to put the two together and D3WR was born.

Where and What is Trike Central?  Trike Central is a tent area set up within the Deadwood Event Complex that is used as a gathering point for registered trikers.  It is here that you will find Free bottled water, ride information, schedule changes, social activities and the like.  It is also a great place to meet up with friends before you take off for rides or head downtown.


Will there be ride captains for the destination rides?  We do not have official ride captains or sweeps for the planned destination rides.  As registration numbers increased it became difficult to get enough captains and sweeps.  We provide maps of the rides in enough time for routes to be studied.  In 2019 we will have a "Get to Know the Route"  on Tuesday, July 9th at Trike Central.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the maps and what type of roads you will be traveling.  The Black Hills area is tourist friendly and there is always someone close at hand to answer your questions or be of assistance should you need it.

What are the future dates for the Rally?  In order to help you plan your next trip to the rally, future dates have already been predetermined however it is still good to check and make sure those dates are still standing.

2019     July 9-14

2020    July 12-17

2021     July 11-16

2022    July 10-15

2023    July 9-14

2024    July 7-12

If I haul my trike will there be a place to park my trailer?  Absolutely!  Please let the front gate attendants know you want to park a trailer and or pickup in the Deadwood Event Complex.  There is designated parking and they will assist you in getting settled.

Is there any cost for Mount Rushmore?  There is no entrance fee for Mount Rushmore National Memorial, however fees are required to park at the memorial.  A parking permit entitles a non- commercial vehicle unlimited entry to the memorial for one year from the date of purchase.

$10 per vehicle (cars, motorcycles and Rv's), $5 for Seniors (62 and older) and Free for active Duty Military

Is there a cost for Crazy Horse?  The fee to get into Crazy Horse Memorial is $7 per person on a Motorcycle.

Are there going be any Free passes for Custer State Park? ​ ​Each year we work with Custer State Park to get the registrants a pass to ride the amazing highways and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The passes are not free but  with some strategic planning we have been able to include them in the price of registration the past couple of years.  We can't promise but e will work to do the same in 2019.

Is there any place to do our laundry?  A new laundry facility has been put in at the Deadwood Station Bunkhouse and Gambling Hall called the Deadwood Station Laundromat.  It is located at 68 Main St. in Deadwood,  just north of the Travelodge Inn and Suites.  

Will there be a problem if a person in our group is riding two-wheels while the rest of us are on 3?

While this event is designed with trikers in mind we certainly understand that everyone in your group may not be riding a trike.  Two-wheeled registrants are welcome.

Does South Dakota have a helmet law?  The short answer is NO.  If you would like to see what laws we do have on the books pertaining to motorycles you should check out the following website