The suggested rides for the 9th Annual Deadwood 3 Wheeler Rally are just that, suggestions.  There are many scenic and fun roads to travel and each requiring a different set of riding skills.  We suggest you take time to study the maps and be familiar with the iconic sights you want to cross off your bucket list.  When you arrive we will have a variety of maps for you to take before you venture out.  Designated Rides do not have Ride Captains and Sweeps, however there are many riders going in the same direction.  A special get-together is planned for 7 pm , Sunday. July 9th, to highlight the roads you will be traveling and have experts on hand to answer any questions. This is also a great opportunity to make plans to ride with others.  Be sure to check back as we continue to add maps.

Check out this link to a video of the 1880 Train Route from Keystone to Hill City put together by Trent and Jacob Fliginger on their Ride 605 YouTube site. It's a beautiful scenic ride you are not going to want to miss!

Distance: 95 Miles
Start and End in Deadwood
Ride Highlights:

Three canyons, three waterfalls and 600 curves.The Northern Hills Ride is locally known as the “Canyon Ride” as it takes you through Boulder, Spearfish and Vanocker Canyons on a 2 ½ hour, 95 mile loop which begins and ends in Deadwood.  According to veteran riders, this may well be one of the most picturesque rides in the country. If you can’t take in all the suggested rides during the trike rally, don’t miss the Northern Hills Ride. The diversity of this route is what makes the veteran riders  come back year after year to experience it again.  

Direction Overview:

Head East out of Deadwood on US-14 ALT E/US-85 N (through Boulder Canyon) to Sturgis where you merge onto I-90 toward Rapid City. Take Vanocker Canyon Rd. to Nemo Rd and turn right.  Follow that to US Hwy 385 at Brownsville and turn right to US Hwy 85 at Pluma, intersections of Hwys 85 and 385.  Then turn right and go through Lead, following Hwy 85 South.  Follow Hwy 85 to Spearfish Canyon Hwy/Hwy 14A then turn right.

Distance: 246 Miles
Start and End in Deadwood
Ride Highlights:

SD Air and Space Museum, Wall Drug, National Grasslands Visitor Center, Badlands National Park

This ride has moderate turns and climbs.  There are so many great rides in the Black Hills, the Badlands are often overlooked.  The area is unique with its surreal moon-like topography carved from millions of years of wind, water and erosion.  You'll experience chiseled spires, deep canyons and jagged buttes with many pull-offs to enable a better view.

Direction Overview:

Head East out of DEADWOOD on US-14 ALT E/US-85 N (through Boulder Canyon)   to STURGIS.  Merge onto I-90E/US-14E to Airport Rd in Pennington County.  Take exit 109 and continue on Airport Rd to Main St. in WALLTake a break and enjoy a Fresh donut and cup of coffee at Wall DrugHead S. on Main St. and turn L. onto W. 6th Ave.  Turn R onto Glenn St and continue onto SD -240 E.  Turn R onto SD-377 S. You should now be at the BADLANDS NAT'L PARK.  Head SW on SD-377 S toward SD-44 E.  Turn right onto A St and then turn R again on 3rd Ave. INTERIOR Head S on 3rd Ave toward A St.  Follow SD-44 W and   I-90 W to SD-34/SD-79S/Lazelle St. in Sturgis.  Take Exit 30 from I-90 W.  Follow  US-14 ALT W to Deadwood. ​

Distance: 148 Miles
Start and End in Deadwood
Ride Highlights:

Aladdin General Store, Devil's Tower National Monument, Vore Buffalo Jump
Just cross the SD border in Wyoming, Devil's Tower National Monument towers over 1,000 ft above the Belle Fourche River. creating one of the most striking naturally formed landscapes in the country.  In 1906 Devil's Tower was proclaimed the 1st National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt.   Devil's Tower is considered sacred to over 2 dozen Native American tribes.  Traditional and modern cultural and spiritual ceremonial activities continue including prayer offerings, vision quests and the Sun Dance.  Devil's Tower played a iconic role in the Steven Spielberg film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."  There is a fee  of $20 per motorcycle to enter the park however there are other National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass that are accepted.  You can find out more info at: www.nps.gov/deto/planyourvisit/fees.html

Direction Overview:

Turn Right and then follow the highway left onto Hwy 85.  After 8 miles turn R onto St. Onge Oil Rd. Turn L onto Hwy 34 at St. Onge.  Hwy 34 will turn into Hwy 24 @ Wyoming line.Follow Hwy 24 to Devil's Tower Rd.  Upon returning turn R out of Devil's Tower on Hwy 24 and then L onto Hwy 14 and head to Sundance.  You can take either I-90 to Hwy 85 or take Old Hwy 14 to Hwy 85 and then back to Deadwood.

Distance:  Approx. 146 miles
Start and End in Deadwood
Ride Highlights:

Hill City, Keystone, Cathedral Spires, Tunnels Needles Highway, Mount Rushmore and Iron Mountain Road

The Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway is the most popular ride in the Black hills because of its diversity and stunning scenery, highlighted by Mount Rushmore National Monument.  While the ride will begin and end in Deadwood this map begins at Hill City in the Central Hills and is 62 miles long.  Because of the numerous places to stop, most riders consider this an all-day trip.  ​

Direction Overview:

Head out of Deadwood on US-14 ALT W/US-85 S to Hill City .  Continue through Hill City to the junction of Hwy 244 and 87.  Take Hwy 244 which will take you around to the back of Mount Rushmore and eventually into Keystone where you can begin the adventure of Iron Mountain Road.  the road encompasses miles of stunning views through twisty hair pin corners, high elevations and steep grades and requires a skill level to maneuver the 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 tunnels and 3 pigtails.  If you do not yet have the skill level or the desire to tackle this beautiful but challenging road than enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Needles Hwy on 87.  There's plenty to see and do on the Southern Hills ride so take some time to plan out what you want to see and ENJOY!​

Southern Hills Loop
Distance:  Approx. 100 miles
Ride Highlights:

Hill City, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer, Pringle, Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Cemetery, Mammoth Site, Wind Cave National Park.

The Southern Hills Loop is a beautiful mix of mountains, southern foothills and wide open stretches taking you through three historic towns, three counties, a State Park and two National Parks. The Southern Hills is often missed by visitors because it is a perimeter route, while other more centrally located rides take precedence. As a favorite among seasoned local riders, however, the Southern Hills Ride is one you should not miss. ​

Direction Overview:

On this ride after two hours of riding time, you've just traveled 90 miles of rough, majestic and captivating countryside of the Southern Black Hills. Head South out of Custer on Hwy 89, past the town of  Pringle down to Minnekahta Junction, turn East on Hwy 18, to Hot Springs.  Hot Springs is often referred to as the Southern Gateway of the  Black Hills and is home to the State Veterans Home and  a National Cemetery.  After exploring the town, turn North on Hwy 87 which will take you clear up to Hwy 16 where you turn West to head back into Custer and onto Hill City.

Distance:  Approx. 40 miles
Fees: Custer State Park Pass
Ride Highlights:  

State Game Lodge, Wildlife Loop, Bison.

The Custer State Park Ride covers the 18 mile Wildlife Loop Road and is the only ride that stays within the boundaries of Custer State Park. This trip starts at the State Game Lodge (on Hwy 16), one of three resorts within the park. This stately lodge is on the National Historic Register of Historic Places as President Coolidge made it his “Summer White House” in 1927.  Custer State Park is the second largest state park in the country covering 71,000 acres of spectacular terrain. Offering an abundance of wildlife, mountain peaks over 7,000 feet, scenic drives and granite spires, it is a motorcycle riding paradise. While there are places that may test your riding skills on this route, its diversity and easy availability offers a beautiful and perfect motorcycle riding experience.​

Direction Overview:

Custer State Park is well marked with trained staff to help you get to your next.  Enter the park from Hwy 16, or 87.  There is an entrance fee however if you have your Custer State Park Pass on your trike (provided at registration)  and are going there within the dates on your pass you will not have to pay..


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